Extraordinary necklaces from the boldest to the most delicate are on display in our Chimayo Trading Del Norte Gallery. Among the bold statements is the Navajo figurative Necklace in a brilliant silver, the Isleta Cross or Dragonfly necklace, and then there is the astounding piece of ornamentation called Knife Wing.

A more delicate statement would be the Zuni Heishi Fetish multi-strand necklaces that seems to float weightlessly. In addition to elegant pumpkin seed Navajo Pearls and sleek gems and silver work from the best Native American contemporary artists, we have an array of earrings, concha belts and bracelets that will dazzle. Stop by to choose for yourself among these exquisite pieces or commission a bracelet to your own specifications, working with master jeweler, Gabe Abrums.

When you give someone a distinctive piece of jewelry, you make an enduring personal statement. When you receive a significant piece of jewelry, you become part of its history as it becomes part of your own.

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