An articulated life – Diné artist Sheldon Harvey ay Chimayo Trading Del Norte

by Tamra Testerman | March 21, 2022

Beyond the creative impulse, some artists explore through their work how they can transmute their talent to serve a higher purpose. 

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Spirits of Nature:
Kachina carver Glen Fred

by Tamra Testerman | Dec 23, 2021

Master Kachina carver Glen Fred comes from the Hopi village of Bacavi. He is “towards the bottom in age” of a family lineup of 8 girls and 8 boys. His father served as the village governor several times.

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The chiaroscuro of Margaret Nes

by Tamra Testerman | Nov 18, 2021

A 1939 photograph of a bell pepper by Edward Weston in Life Magazine was one of many photographs that influenced the aesthetics of Taos artist Margaret Nes. “I was very nearsighted as a child, so I saw things that were close, and saw little detail in the distance. 

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The quiet strength of
Ann Huston

by Tamra Testerman | Nov 4, 2021

A few weeks after the success of ‘Eleven,’ the first exhibit of contemporary art at Chimayo Trading Del Norte, one of the artists in the show,  Ann Huston went to retrieve her work and was met at the door by owner Gabriel Abrums, who asked her if she’d like to join the Chimayo family. 

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Samuel Manymules’ transcendent pottery

by Tamra Testerman | Updated Oct 14, 2021

The potter Samuel Manymules’ work in clay is a fresh take on the long-standing tradition of Native American pottery. Collectors of his work revel in the beauty of the high polish surfaces and magical “fire clouds” he achieves using the alchemy of mud and fire to create his special aesthetic.

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The painter who traded

Ralph Meyers

by Tamra Testerman | Sep 30, 2021

Taos renaissance man Ralph Waldo Emerson Meyers (1885-1948) is a “true Taos character” according to Gabriel Abrums, owner of Chimayo Trading Del Norte in the Saint Francis Plaza.

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by Tamra Testerman | Sep 23, 2021

Numerology is the theory that there is a mystical relationship between a number and coinciding events. Eleven is considered a “master number” that holds significant power. It is considered by some to be a “messenger from the universe and spiritual awareness.”

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Take a walk on the Southside

by Tamra Testerman | Sep 23, 2021 Updated Sep 27, 2021

There are a few artists who live and work on the south side of Taos who were zipping around town to a few locations this weekend for the Taos Fall Arts Festival. Sculptor artist T.J. Mabrey was one of them.

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Walt Gonske at Chimayo Trading

by Tamra Testerman | Updated Sep 15, 2021

In the early 1970s, Taos artist Walt Gonske was working on a lucrative career as a freelance men’s fashion illustrator in NYC. He was in demand and turning work around at a big city pace. 

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Michelle Tsosie Sisneros at Chimayo Trading Del Norte

by Tamra Testerman | Aug 19, 2021 Updated Aug 25, 2021

Award-winning artist, Michelle Tsosie Sisneros of Santa Clara, Navajo and Laguna tribes, paints traditional Native American themes with bold abstract elements and surrealist influences. She is the niece of Pablita Velarde – the grandmother of flat Navajo painting who may be the most famous female painter in Navajo history.

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The Laughing family business 

Tamra Testerman | Jul 7, 2021 Updated Jul 12, 2021

The day for award-winning weavers Mona and daughter Charlene Laughing begins at sunrise on the Diné (Navajo) Reservation in Crystal, New Mexico, with family and a flock of churro and merino sheep to look after, 31 in all. Each with a name. 

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All in the family Chimayo Trading spans generations

Tamra Testerman | Mar 3, 2021 Updated Mar 3, 2021

Chimayo Trading Del Norte is nestled in the Ranchos Plaza in the shadow of the iconic Saint Francis church in Ranchos de Taos. Owner Gabriel Abrums and wife Alicia said this location is significant to them and their family “because it represents true, authentic New Mexico. To display New Mexican artwork in a Colonial period plaza in 250-year-old adobe buildings is to see this artwork where this type of art seems at home.” The gallery showcases the work of contemporary artists and more traditional ones. It is a “family-owned and operated gallery with four generations in the Native American and fine art business.” 

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Authentic Old West Style

Mandy Sotelo | Updated Jan 28, 2021

Is the Old West still in style? Of course it is:  It never left, says two of the region’s most authoritative purveyors of all things southwestern.

Gabriel Abrums of Chimayo Trading Del Norte and Chris Ferguson of Tres Estrellas Design sat down with Enchanted Homes to share their perspectives on historical and contemporary southwestern home furnishings, and the ease with which these elements may be incorporated into your home regardless of your decorating style.


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