“Without Time” by Michelle Tsosie Sisneros

Acrylic/Pastel on Watercolor Paper

Image: 22” x 20”
Framed: 32″ x 30″


Teachings from my Tewa life.
It is understood – who we are – who am I – how I live
We are individuals in life, we choose our destiny……
I also live as part of a group of people who are of Kha’ Po descent.
And in it, I am blood tied to these people, this land, and my beliefs
As a Tewa woman,
My final journey will send me back to my homeland……
To the place where I will become water once again.
I take with me my time spent with my guides – my spirit birds and the four legged
who gave me wisdom, strength, humility and willingness……
The universe is calling me home
The stars guide my passage
The sun is fading away
Nirvana is calling me home……
I see my youth – wild and free
I see my mid life – finally understanding and listening to those wiser,
I hope as an elder I will accept peace and the willingness to accept it.
Without time.

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