“Sacred Ground” by Michelle Tsosie Sisneros

Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper

Image: 13” x 29”
Framed: 23.5″ x 39.5″


Like many Earthlings walking the Mother Earth
My daily existence was a routine
Of life’s chores, work, loves, hopes, dreams and life
As the days unfolded
The world
Was thrown into chaos
Was this really happening in my lifetime?
Days have turned into years……
Now that time has passed
My people face the rubble of a solitary world
Without our ceremony, our songs, our teachings of who we are and where we came
from, our souls are somewhat lost……
To literally cling to a video on the internet to hear a deer dance, a corn dance
A song of prayer is where we are these days.
My heart bleeds for my tradition, my spirit cries in pain for our beautiful songs,
the drumbeat of life.
The bells ringing as the dancers pass by……
The slow drumbeat before the powerful chant of singing takes my heart and
we are hurting
Yet we are strong and powerful people
And we wil survive
Watch over us my spirit birds,
Watch over our water keeper my Avanyu Spirit
We will continue……
On sacred ground.

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