“Sioux Gauntlets”

Sioux Gauntlets
Owned by William H. Streeper Pony Express Rider Gloves

each approx. 13″x8″x.5″
(Includes framed image and story of his last ride for the Pony Express.)

“Upon one occasion at Diamond Springs, Mr. Bolivar Robertson, the postmaster, asked for a fast rider to take the mail into Salt Lake City; I volunteered. The mail pouch contained a great deal of money. The captain asked how many soldiers I wanted for guards and told him none. A California postmaster who was there asked if I would like him to come along and I told him he could not keep up with me. “

“I didn’t take anyone. It was 22 miles from there to Ruby Valley, where I had to change animals. There was no more trouble from Indians and I went straight through from station to station till I reached Salt Lake City. Brigham Young called me in and advised that I quit the route, but I told him that I had promised the boys I would return and wanted to keep my word.

“When I went back the boys were glad to see me. That was in 1862, and was my last run”

William H Streeper survived all other Utah Pony Express riders. He died at his residence in Centerville, Utah, and was buried in the Centerville Cemetery October, 13, 1930. – (Eila Streeper)

Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel, Easton, Kelsey Company (1851)


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