“Mother & Child” by Lynn Grence


Batik, Fabric dyes on Chinese Silk, 1985

25” x 21”

Lynn Grence native Arizonan and former art teacher, spent a childhood surrounded by her family’s intense appreciation of southwestern culture. Her mother in fact spoke Navajo before English while Lynn’s grandparents helped run a trading post near Blue Water.

A county art competition netted Lynn her first blue ribbon at age 7. She has won many awards since. After retiring from teaching in 1979, Lynn began a professional career in art. Mrs. Grence is a juried member of The Arizona Artists Guild and the nationally prestigious Womens Artists of the American West. She knows her subject well. “Tom me, …Southwestern tribes and friends tell me their old ways are fading, that is sad. I hope my work can tell others, accurately, of the old ways and charm of the Southwest”

Lynn holds an M.A. in art education and minor in business. She was inducted into “Outstanding Young Women of America,” 1978, awarded Arizona Art Education Association “Art Educator of the Year”, 1978 and served on the board of the National Committee, Arts for the Handicapped, Washington, D.C. She often serves as guest artist and speaker.

After years of research and collecting batik from around the world, Lynn Grence can present batik at it’s best. Excellence in batik is what Lynn Grence batik is all about.

A talented artist in many mediums, batik is her specialty.

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