Hopi Polished Polychrome Jar with Lid ca. 1930, by Paqua Naha, 1st Frog Woman (1890-1955)

7.5″ x 8″
Pot: 5.75″
Lid: 2.25″

Paqua Naha is the original Frog Woman and this rare jar with lid is signed with her distinctive frog on the bottom.

Rich browns and oranges predominate with Sikyatki designs (birds and feathers) swirling around the surface, repeating on the opposite side. Brown bands, some with stippling create texture and contrast to feather designs that open to a soft shoulder.
The mellow tones of Hopi clay set this piece apart. The lid with knob has symmetrical feather design repeated twice.  ca. 1930.


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