Hand Beaded Potawatomi Purse, 1909


Hand Beaded Potawatomi Purse 1909
10” x 7.5” (12” x 7.5” with tassles)

The garments were made for Margaret Wabaunce (records also show spelling “Wabaunsee”) Coffin by her mother Mrs. Sac-to Wabaunce. Margaret was born in Mayetta, Kansas on September 24, 1892. Margaret was 3/4th Potawatomi and 1/4 French.

The garments were made for her when she was 17 years old. Her mother’s Indian name was M-ko-quah-wah (a.k.a. Shopia) and she was 4/4ths Potawatomi. Her Father, Andrew Wabaunce was 1/2 Potawatomi and 1/2 French.

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