Mark Lewis Wagner

Mark Lewis Wagner MA, started his gallery showing in Sante Fe in the mid 80s. He has now returned, living north of Questa and for the moment just painting “Spirit Birds.” In-between Wagner moved to Oakland California where he worked in the film industry as a concept artist with credits on the Pixar/Disney film John Carter and Terminator 3. Other clients as an illustrator and design are the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, SpaceX, Oakland Museum and Zoo. He also is the founder of the nonprofit Drawing on Earth which focuses on large chalk drawings created by kids and community. He has worked with 30,000 kids, has 2 World Records, and has create 6 pieces of art photographed by satellite. He teaches art online through a CA college, spends half of the year in the Bay Area, and is currently working on a sci-fi graphic novel “Graffiti Wars – When Art Saved the World.”

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