Ed Morgan

Ed Morgan Is A Master Engraver

With his respect for and dedication to every minute detail of the visible world, Ed Morgan takes different aspects from engraving, drawing, painting and sculpture, combines them and pushes them to the limits of perfection. Using 100% rag papers, the artwork joins blind embossing (white on white), with several sources of color, subtle tints, watercolor, inks, colored silks and gold leaf. This provides the viewer with a rich variety of surfaces that respond to various lighting conditions. The curves and shadows of the detailed image, the shimmer of the silks, the glint of gold are all components of Morgan’s unique contribution to the world of art. Each step of this unusual medium requires personal attention and expertise of the artist.

Ed Morgan’s work is in collection throughout the world. His exhibits include shows from New York to California. Many of his prints are sold out before they are completed, to collectors who have reserved a specific number, and clients who visit the studio and galleries.

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