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Damian Quezada

Damian Quezada is Genoveva’s son and Juan Quezada’s nephew. He did not grow up in Mata Ortiz, but in a town called Barras Barbicora. In 1992 he moved to Nuevo Casas Grandes and began making pots under the tutelage of his cousin Oscar and uncle Nicolas Quezada. He is a natural painter and in less than a year was producing outstanding polychrome ollas in the classic Quezada style. Damian’s wife, Elvira Antillon, often makes the pieces he paints. Damian takes pride in dividing his symmetrical designs into seven or more segments instead of the typical two to four segments. His work was shown at the Franz Mayer Exhibition in Mexico City in 1999, and one of his tall vases was selected for the Exhibits USA Potters of Mata Ortiz exhibition, 1999-2001. He continues to live in Nuevo Casas Grandes

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