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Ted Egri

Ted Egri was born (1913) and raised in New York City. Born into an artistic family, Ted began painting in oil at the age of 7 when he began his art education at the Leonardo da Vinci School of Art in Manhattan. He began working with clay at age 10 and later won a 3 year scholarship to the Master Institute of the Roerich Museum in New York. He was then introduced to the Oriental Arts from China and Japan in which he learned the fundamentals of dynamic symmetry. He became involved in the WPA in NY city and then commercial art, working for Time and Fortune magazines.
He was a painter until he moved to Taos 1950 where he became involved in sculpture. He worked under Louis Ribak’s School of Arts and then with Emi Bisttram’s school. As one of the original founders of the Taos Art Association in 1952, Ted was an active member of the Taos community and Taos County. Four years later, Ted introduced the term “Taos Moderns” and worked with Raymond Jonson to create their first travelling. This new group who existed from the 1940’s – 1960’s were “essentially nonfigurative artists, unconcerned with specific subject matter.” Their focus was “on motif and the manner in which an artwork is developed.” His feelings about social injustice found release through the violent pounding with hammer and chisel. Later he became intrigued with form in space, and he developed along these lines with his personal sculptural statements as well as commissioned pieces.

Ted Egri has had over 30 one-man shows in nine states, exhibiting painting and sculpture, besides showing in numerous juried exhibitions and is the recipient of numerous local, state and national awards, including the Governor’s Award of Excellence in the Arts.


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