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Rosita de Herrera (1940-?)

Rosita De Herrera, born in 1940, learned from her mother, Tomasita Montoya, who was one of the original eight potters. Rosita is a well known potter from San Juan Pueblo. She is a sister of Dominguita Naranjo who is also a potter.

By 1890, pottery production at San Juan Pueblo (now Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo) had come to a complete halt. In 1930, Regina Cata organized a pottery study group with the intent of reviving pottery production. Eight potters studied ancient potshards of wares made at San Juan in earlier times and selected Potsuwii’i Incised Ware (1450-1500) as a basis for contemporary pottery type. Decorative zones of geometric fine lines with selected areas of polished red slip were the final result.


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