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Pauline Romero

Pauline Romero is a full blooded Native American Indian from the Jemez Pueblo. Pauline has been hand coiling pottery for more than 15 years. Her mother, Persingula R. Tosa, taught Pauline all the fundamentals of making pottery the traditional way. Her mother also strongly encouraged her to continue the family tradition and assist with keeping the long lived tradition alive.

Pauline continues to use the traditional methods of pottery making, but has come a long way from the poster-paint days of the Jemez pottery. She gathers her clay from within the hills of the Jemez Pueblo. She also cleans, mixes, hand coils, shapes, paints, polishes, and fires her pottery the traditional way, outdoors. She has a unique method of adding a hand stone polish to a red or buff colored slip. The shapes are swirl bowls, wedding vases and various shaped pots. Pauline has also started to etch on her pottery, which add a very elegant contrast to the her polished work.

She signs her pottery as: Pauline Romero, Jemez.

Pauline is related to the following artists:
Marie Romero, Christine Tosa, and Maxine Toya

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