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Madeline Naranjo

Madeline Naranjo is a fine young potter who combines an excellent polish with unusual carved designs. She is named for her grandmother (Madeline Naranjo) who is a well respected potter. Madeline’s husband is Adrian Garcia, the son of well known Santa Clara potters Effie and Orville Garcia. Adrian, who used to make sgraffito style pottery, is completely involved in the pottery making process and has been responsible for many of their unusual designs.
Madeline has been potting since 1991 when she was taught by her grandmother (her mother was not a potter). As a couple, Madeline and Adrian were instructed by a little known Santa Clara potter named Julie Gutierrez. Madeline makes the pots but both she and Adrian work on designing and carving. Madeline then does the cleaning and polishing and then they fire together. Madeline and Adrian’s wares are greatly admired for the highly polished finish and meticulous designs. Madeline and Adrian are full-time potters who have devoted themselves to preserving the ancient craft of the Santa Clara region and to producing high quality pottery which is truly representative of their people. They have won awards at recent Santa Fe Indian Markets and have also found time to have three daughters. A nice photograph of Madeline and Adrian may be found in the Gregory Schaaf book “Pueblo Indian Pottery – 750 Artist Biographies” under “Adrian Garcia” on page 29.


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