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Lydia Quezada

LYDIA QUEZADA is Juan Quezada’s youngest sister and has always been considered one of the best potters in Mata Ortiz and in fact won the top prize in the very first Concurso. She did some of the original innovative work with black on black pottery, but works in all types, such as polychrome and figures. She also originated and is known for triple black pots which have the effect of being different shades of black, some shiny, some matte in finish. Lydia is married to the potter Rito Talavera and her work has appeared in every major exhibition dating back to the travelling exhibition of 1979-80. This includes the break-through UNM Art Museum show in 1995, the Franz Mayer exhibition in Mexico City in 1999, and all major exhibitions since. In 2011, she and her daughter exhibited at gallery shows in Paris, France. Her early work is in the Museum of Man in San Diego, Calif.


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