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Howard Cook

Howard Cook (1901–1980) was an American artist, particularly known for his wood engravings and murals. Cook spent much of the 1920s in Europe and returned to live in Taos, New Mexico. Cook was responsible for the The Importance of San Antonio in Texas History mural in San Antonio, a huge work for which he was paid $12,000 in 1937.

Cook travelled to Taos, New Mexico in 1926, where he was introduced to artist Barbara Latham by Victor Higgins. The couple married in May 1927. From 1928 to 1935, they traveled: to Europe, Mexico and the American South. In 1938, the couple settled near Taos on the Talpa ridge. This became their base until 1976.

In 1967, Cook became the first artist in the Roswell Museum and Art Center’s Artist-in-Residence program. The couple started to spend their winters in Roswell, New Mexico, where they eventually moved in 1973. Due to Cook’s health issues, the couple moved to Santa Fe in 1976. Cook died in 1980.


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