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Charlotte & Vanessa Vigil (1954-present)

Charlotte Vigil was born in 1954 and has been making pottery since 1977. The family gathers the clay from the San Ildefonso Reservation and fire all of their pottery outdoors. Charlotte is well known for finely stone polished pottery. Charlotte was taught by her husband’s (Doug) parents Albert & Josephine Vigil. She is one of the few potters from San Ildefonso that specializes in Cream on Red pottery. Doug’s grandmother, Juanita Montoya was the sister of Maria Martinez. Vanessa was born in 1976 and has been making pottery since 1981. She was taught the ways of pottery from her parents, Charlotte and Doug Vigil.

For Additional Information:
American Indian Art Series: Pueblo Indian Pottery (750 Artist Biographies) by Gregory Schaaf


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