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Candelaria Suazo (active 1950’s-present)

Calandaria Suazo, Santa Clara Pueblo

Candelaria Suazo was born into Santa Clara Pueblo in the late 1950’s and learned the fundamentals of traditional pottery making from her mother, Santanita Suazo. Dolores Curran and Geri Naranjo, her aunts, also had a hand in her learning. She’s been producing pottery in her own name since 1987. Today she specializes in sgraffito two-tone styles.

She gets her clay from Santa Clara Pueblo and hand-coils her pieces. After the pots have dried, she polishes them with a polishing stone and red slip. The pots are then fired outdoors in a traditional firing pit, using dried horse manure.

Candelaria is a full-blooded Indian from Santa Clara and San Juan Pueblos. She was first inspired by her mother, Santanita Suazo and her sisters, Margie Naranjo, the late Martha Huangooah, Mae Tapia and Shirley Duran. Delores Curran and Geri Naranjo, her relatives, have also greatly influenced her work.

At the Eight Northern Pueblo Show she won several ribbons for first, second and third places.

For Additional Information:
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